Simplifying The Internet of Things for SMEs and Partners

About SwiftSense

Using Internet Of Things Technology to make businesses smart and simple for our clients.

We are a group of technologists who are passionate about taking the complexity out of IoT and making it accessible to all. We are a Canadian Technology Company, with major presence also in the USA, Singapore and India. We bring safety, satisfaction, savings and data security for our clients through innovative Internet of Things Solution. We provide a platform that allows us and our partners, to build solutions that provide End-End IoT solutions for businesses. We have a vertically integrated platform including wholly owned hardware and software components that allow us to be flexible and cost-effective. We are associated with a global list of partners who extend the capabilities of our global team of experts in multiple ways.

Our mission

Simplify Connected Technology For Clients & Partners

We focus on Wellness and Energy Efficiency. We offer Vertically integrated platform – Proprietary as well as off-the shelf hardware and software components that allow us to take advantage of the entire data pipeline and thus deliver better value to customers and have stronger leverage Enterprise Oriented Focus – We focus on providing our applications to an enterprise, where they can use the data to upsell / cross sell services and offerings. This is unlike most firms in this space which are focused primarily on the consumers. Naturally scalable solution -The solution allows customers to choose from a simple, easy to deploy wellness enterprise solution to a level that can cater to medical grade critical health monitoring (options for the customer to start small and then upsize)

Our Leadership

Sharmistha Mittra

Chief Executive Officer

20 years experience in global consultation with Deloitte & PWC, public and private sector IT project & product management, establishing international business relationships and running successful ventures

Gautam Ghosh

Chief Technology Officer

22 years experience of leading global market support for smart technology solutions, value segment high-tech product launches, in healthcare, hospitality, retail, logistics, and end-end IOT for multinational powerhouses like GE, Telus and Philip



Our Team

We come from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, always serving clients with technology excellence and integrity. We are there for our clients and partners, whenever and wherever they need our support.

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